Dental insurance provides benefits for a variety of covered procedures, from routine cleanings to root canals.

Our dental insurance plans:

  • Gives employees the freedom to see an extensive network of in-network dentists
  • Provide immediate coverage for routine cleanings and X-rays
  • Offer several family plan options to help with care for their spouse and/or dependents up to age 26
  • Can be kept even if employees change jobs

Orthodontia and vision coverages are also available as optional add-ons. Costs and waiting periods for certain procedures vary, so talk with us today to learn more!

Income protection in times of need. Maintain your livelihood and lifestyle with disability insurance.

There are two main options:

  • long-term disability (LTD)
  • critical illness (CI)

Both pay you money in case of an illness or disability, but they do it different ways.

Get the coverage that’s right for your needs

No matter where your clients are in life, they can get coverage that’s right for their needs with options that can help them protect their family’s future.

  • Benefits are typically paid tax-free to the person they choose to receive their benefits.
  • Life insurance policies are portable, so your clients can keep their coverage if they change jobs or retire.
  • Guaranteed‐issue coverage may be available for some plans, which means no medical questions or exams are required to be eligible for coverage.

Term Life, Whole Life, and Final Expense policies are available.

A critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke or major organ failure can impact anyone, from the least health-conscious to the most fit. Every 34 seconds, someone has a heart-related event, and every 40 seconds, another person has a stroke.

Heredity and lifestyle affect individual risk factors, but even if one is in perfect health, life can change in an instant.

When an accident happens, the last thing employees want to think about is how they’re going to pay the bills. Accident insurance helps employees pay for the medical and out-of-pocket costs that they may have after an accidental injury.

Based on an individual’s policy, this can include emergency treatment, hospital stays, medical exams and other expenses like transportation and lodging.

Hospital costs already cause enough stress! Hospital indemnity coverage shifts the focus to healing, not finances.

When employees are in the hospital or undergoing outpatient surgery, the last thing they need to worry about is how much it will cost to get better. Even if they have health insurance, premiums don’t cover everything.

The average expense for a hospital stay ranges from $9,100 for a medical stay to $22,700 for a surgical stay.

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